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    GAAP translation manager in Rostov region is needed.
    Primary duties:
    1. Creating a process for reporting of monthly financial results in the US GAAP format.
    2. Coordination of plant level, forecasting and planning in the US GAAP format.
    3. Overseeing the translation adjustment from RAP to US GAAP financial statement.
    4. Interfacing between controllers and the central accounting organization to facilitate the analysis of data in RAP and GAP formats.

    Essential requirements: University degree in finance or accounting, working knowledge of IAS/US GAAP statutory accounting (2-3 years), work based experience in preparation of reporting packages in RAP and IAS/US GAAP.
    PC skills (Excel, PowerPoint, web-based tools). Fluent English is a must.

    20 % of time to be spend for business traveling.

    $3500 of compensation; relocation grant ( place fare is covered).

    For additional information please contact
    Elena Chernyshova
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